Web visibility score

YouSeeMii offers a score that measures your online visibility, or that of your competitors, in real time. It is enriched with content related to your search, so that you can easily identify the information that interests you.

To help you better understand how YouSeeMii works, we have listed below the various criteria taken into account to determine the final score.


Google, Bing, Blogs and Forums : Results weighed according to the audience (visibility)
Alexa : Audience and backlinks taken into account

Social Networks

Twitter : Number of tweets about the subject and number of followers
Facebook : Number of fans weighed against the number of people who talk about the fans (%)
Google+ : Existence d’une page
Foursquare : Existence of a page
Klout: Existence of an account

Professional Networks

Viadeo : Number of contacts associated with the business, number of contacts’ contacts, number of groups, and number of members in group
Job : Number of job offers listed on optioncarriere.com
Recherche d’un compte : Plaxo, DoYouBuzz
To get a higher score, all you have to do is sign up for an account on one of these sites: AboutMe, Flavors or Tiki'mee


Youtube : Number of videos, number of views, number of likes/dislikes
Dailymotion et Viméo : Number of videos
App store : Number of apps
Documents : Number of documents
Presse Relay et Pickanews : Number of articles found (in the past 45 days) weighed against the number of articles read on their platform

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